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A simple yet powerful food that elevates the overall taste of the food is chili pepper. One of this simple Indian food supplements has a complex story. Basically an Indian spice which is eaten by a quarter of the Earth's population daily in all the countries all over the world Chris Kunitz Lightning Jersey , are the perennial shrubs that belong to the Capsicum family and was not known to most of the people till Christopher Columbus brought it to the fore in the year 1942.

Chili Peppers Originated in Mesoamerica:

While he was seeking a new trade route to Asia he was yearning for black peppercorns which were also known as black gold that time owing to its value as a commodity. Back then these spices were paid as rent or salaries. Till that time India used to get all the pepper from the Malabar Coast and from India it was traded via the Merchants of Venice and Levant to the Europe.

When the Ottoman Empire cut off the trade route in the Mid 1400s, European explore were exasperated. They begin to look for new routes for the spices like cloves, nutmeg, mace and peppers from Molucca and Indonesia. It was not Colombus who found black peppercorns or Spice Route to Asia. Even then he named the Caribbean Islands J.T. Miller Lightning Jersey , "Indies" and the indigenous population "Indians". Not only this he began to call the spicy plant that he plucked from the shores of Haiti and Dominican Republic a confusing pimento. He was seeking black pepper and took it as a black pepper. Locally it was called aji and was brought back to the Iberian Peninsula with other foods.

It is said that by the time Columbus made it to the New World, chili pepper was domesticated in Mesoamerica (this is the region which extends from Central Mexico to Central America and Northern Costa Rica.) Archaeologists have traced the domestication of peppers to 5000 BC in Mexico at Tehuacan valley. This means Columbus was little late. As per some authentic reports, a large presence of chilies is found in the Mayan and Aztec traditions. Back then chilies were used to fumigate houses and to cure illness apart from flavouring food. The word chili is an Aztec language. So, the bottom line is that the chilies originated in Mesoamerica.

Columbus Proliferated Chilies? If not Tyler Johnson Lightning Jersey , who else?

It will be correct to say that Columbus took the first step for spreading chilies but despite this face the fact that he brought aji back to the Spain cannot be ignored. The onus of proliferating chilies goes to Portuguese and the broad trade routes they used.

Vasco de Gama, a Portuguese Explorer discovered a route from South America via Cape of Good Hope to Africa and India in the year 1498 was responsible for making this spice leave the colony of Brazil and become popular all around the world.

And then there was Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama who discovered a route from South America around the Cape of Good Hope to Africa and India in 1498, setting a path for the chili pepper to leave the Brazilian colony and fan out to the world.

A Few Tangy Facts about Chilies That Will Surprise You!

Seeds are not the hottest part of the chili. It is the white pith surrounding it that gives you a burning sensation. Chilies are the world's oldest condiment. Eat them when you are in bad mood it will lift your spirits as it release endorphins. Chili has more vitamin C than oranges and more vitamin A than carrots.

is an Indian gastronomy company that conducts food tours and bring to the fore several interesting facts about Indian foods!

Visting helps you find several interesting food facts about Indian foods and helps you explore the best food you can have while your tour to India. Lang Lang plays Yellow River Piano Concerto in Beijing on Sept 3 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. LIN YI FOR CHINA DAILY

Chinese pianist Lang Lang records his new album at the Palace of Versailles, Chen Nan reports.

Chinese pianist Lang Lang is seeking to highlight a connection between Russian composer Tchaikovsky and Polish composer Frederic Chopin Anton Stralman Lightning Jersey , both with ties to France, in his new album Lang Lang in Paris.

The album, which was released on Sept 25, was recorded in June at Salle Liebermann in Paris' Opera Bastille.

The pianist also gave an identical recital in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles a few weeks after the recording Mikhail Sergachev Jersey , which was filmed for sale on DVDs.

As one of the biggest stars in the world of classical music, Lang Lang, 33, has been constantly recording and performing at world-renowned venues Andrei Vasilevskiy Jersey , such as New York's Carnegie Hall, Vienna's Musikverein and London's Royal Albert Hall, over the past few decades.

But his dream has been to perform at the Palace of Versailles ever since his first visit to Paris in 2001.

"The sculptures, paintings and the surroundings of Versailles Palace Victor Hedman Jersey , the view across the Seine River and the Notre Dame de Paris, everything is so inspiring and romantic in Paris," he told China Daily before the album was released.

Talking about nature's beauty, Lang Lang recalls a rainy day in late June Louis Domingue Jersey , when he was recording his music at the palace and suddenly the sun came out, transforming the place.

At the time, he was playing Tchaikovsky's The Seasons, including pieces such as January: At the Fireside and December: Christmas Jake Dotchin Jersey , for his new album.

During the recordings, he stayed at the palace for two days.

The special features of the Hall of Mirrors, with 17 mirror-clad arches reflecting the arcaded windows while overlooking the gardens, made everything seem surreal to Lang Lang Braydon Coburn Jersey , he says.

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